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Lustruck takes care of transport of industrial cargo and consumer goods by road. We are an ISO-certified company with a fleet of more than 50 trucks.

Our service is built upon short transit times and fair prices. We can transport your freight to your desired destination in the Czech Republic or abroad. All shipments are insured.

Groupage transport

We deliver groupage transport using European logistics network. We collect and combine shipments from multiple customers to from a single shipment.

Just in time transport

We deliver your shipment exactly when needed rather than days or weeks before. This allows you to cut inventory costs and less material to store.

ADR transport

Does your shipment contain dangerous goods? Lustruck is your partner in ADR transport. Our drivers are trained and we possess the required equipment.

Coilmulde trailers

We have coilmulde trailers in our fleet  for transporting sheet metal in coils and paper.

International and domestic transport

We offer door-to-door transportation solutions throughout the Czech Republic and several other European countries.


In our Lustruck garage we take care of our own fleet and also manage other vehicles.